Was Time was created somehow?

I’ve noticed the dark occultists seem to have a particular fascination with Time. Creativity comes from the Spirit Realm. I wonder if some celebrities are/were celebrities because they were inhabited with spirits from the other side. Can this be the source of their genuine charisma and talent? I’ve heard many complaints about pop culture - that at least celebrities used to be talented.


Why have the celebrity talents been replaced with overt prostitute types? I was a bit disgusted with myself for promoting Kim Kardashian when I was a celebrity photographer because I understood perfectly what I was helping to push.

I started to consciously engage in the hero’s journey from partially a desire to “master both worlds” - this physical plane and that of the spiritual. Now that I’m four years into this journey, the spirit realm really does seem more accessible than ever before. There is no space or time there. Spirits seem to me to have an enormous interest in what’s happening on this playing field.

I doubt the Rolling Stones would have ever been pushed up to the zenith of pop culture had they not been “members of the club”. What were they telling us?

I’m not sure who painted this but it feels like this. I highly recommend pushing back the darkness because it’s a rewarding life that feels purifying. The message is the Rainbow.