There is cloning and it is at an advanced stage if the media is to be believed.

Barbra Streisand was selling the okayness of her cloned dogs hard for some reason.


There is a maxim that we are shown lies in the news and the Truth in fictional movies. Whether this is True or to what degree this is True, I cannot say with certainty.


The movie The Boys From Brazil is presented at times to back up the idea that cloning has been on the lab table for decades. Operation Paperclip, where the services of Nazi scientists were acquired by the US government presents massive implications.


I’m under the impression that the cult presently running this world is jealous of the Creator. It seeks to destroy and usurp the Creator’s Power. By eliminating real women and helming reproduction - it could be a Dr. Frankenstein’s dream come true.


I present The Boys From Brazil to you if you’d like to determine for yourself if these ideas hold any merit. 


I weirdly watched this movie once with the person who played the part of the Adolph Hitler clone boy. I got the impression that playing this role had resulted in his receiving quite a bit of negative attention.  I certainly hope he didn’t feel I added to that. 


What does Hollywood know and what are they willing to tell us about their secrets?