My Numerology List

I’ve been listening (on YouTube) to Chigozie and Dan Behrendt about the number patterns they see. I’m a big believer in the Truth of a congruent story. Also everyone really is different. I love that Chigozie and Dan have differing approaches. I hope I’m getting this right: I have the sense Chigozie sees a cabal who has learned to manipulate our reality through the mastery of numerology and occult practices.


Dan seems to see the same thing but he’s always showing how whatever made up media nonsense passes his screens, his own life is reflecting those same patterns authentically without effort on his part.


Both Dan and Chigozie have shown me repeatedly that they can make successful predictions as a result of their study of numerology.


I am clearly seeing that those in control of the architecture of this physical plane APPEAR to be deliberately putting symbols and numbers pertaining to Saturn on the vast majority of whatever they control. I was at Burger King months ago and there was so much Saturn symbolism around me there, I just can’t be at a place like that anymore. It’s too creepy.


I think it’s important to learn about numbers to see the branding. I think it’s important to learn the difference between a male and female skull. We need to see who is trying to trick us. We must become AWARE of this cult and their practices best we can since they are very secretive and they are very controlling over the rest of us. 


A few of these occultists are obviously somewhat powerful in this realm but a real authentic human aligned with the Creator is much stronger. An occultist’s power usually lies in their deceptiveness. Liars can never be secure because they can be exposed at any moment and I strongly suspect they know it.


Our side also has numbers - if you catch my drift.  We need to spread knowledge as much as our real human community can tolerate the Truth.


At this link below is my list of numbers and words that have some correlation. There are lots of numerology calculators online. I wouldn’t be surprised if I made an error or two so I’d recommend verifying this list for yourself. I’d hate to misinform anyone. This is merely a guideline I jotted down.


We’re supposed to be able to discern the difference between a male and a female. I was brainwashed to see girl faced boys as attractive and that psyop did work on me. Once the switch back happens, at least that’s one spell broken. We are not exactly sure what the connection is between transgenderism and the occult. Many dark occultists seem to worship a hermaphrodite goat but I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than that. I’m tired of looking at that goat so I’m not going to post it here. Look up Baphomet if you’d like to see what many dark occultists seem to highly prize and value.