The Napoleonic Psyop

guest post by Basilisk

People say Napoleon was a warmonger. They say that because they were taught that in school. It’s not the teacher’s fault. That’s what’s written in the history books they are required to follow. If there is one truism everyone agrees on, it’s that the winners write the history books. The English won. They wrote the history book. Therefore Napoleon was a warmonger. 

Do you know what the period before Napoleon came into power was called? The Reign of Terror. That’s what they, the French themselves called it. Napoleon brought normalcy. He brought stability. He brought  France out of the Reign of Terror and brought prosperity. They should be lighting a candle every day to Napoleon for what he did for them. 

And he wasn’t even actually French. His family was from Corsica and spoke Italian. Napoleon didn’t really learn French until he went to school there. 

But he loved the French people and they loved him. He was elected First Counsel by an overwhelming majority. Oh, they say maybe the election was rigged? Okay. The French people passionately loved Napoleon. 

People all throughout Europe loved him. People in England loved him. Which people? The common people and the young nobles who cared about the rights of man. 

Napoleon was a populist. While the rest of Europe and England treated their serfs little better than slaves, Napoleon protected his people’s rights. Due Process. The Rule of Law. Equity. That is what Napoleon gave to the people in his empire. 

He also resisted the English monopoly on global trade. They dealt in slaves and drugs as well as everything else. England dominated the seas with their navy and cowed Europe with the economic power they gained from it. Napoleon wanted Europe treated fairly. He resisted English dominance. 

England could not abide Napoleon. He threatened their monopoly and he aroused the desire for freedom and justice in their servant class. 

The English government could not rest until Napoleon was defeated. They sent assassins after him on a regular basis. Could you imagine if Russia sent assassin after assassin to kill Obama or Trump? Of course there would be war. 

It took England 10 years and many, many armies to defeat Napoleon. Their prize? Getting to write the history books.

Do your own research. 


Napoleon era Pizzagate vibes.


Quora question answered: what if Napoleon had accepted the Frankfurt proposals?

That is a good question. In hindsight a person could say, they offered Napoleon the traditional borders of France and peace - why was Napoleon so ambitious? What a bad stupid guy!

For years Napoleon’s enemies had played every game to buy time and trick him up to and including offering him an Austrian Archduchess for a mother to the son he so wanted.

By the time of the Frankfurt proposals Napoleon believed that his enemies only operated in bad faith and that these proposals were merely plots to buy time. During the 100 days, Napoleon stated that the old borders were fine he just wanted peace. The perception is that it was too late by then.

The story of Napoleon really is fascinating because he is in one impossible situation after another. We find out exactly the characters of his enemies and we find out who he was.

Napoleon’s view since the rupture of the Peace of Amiens was that his enemies were operating out of bad faith and there is nothing but tricks and lies with that sort. The story absolutely validates that. What I’ve learned is that there really is no winning against the duplicitous. It really was their chessboard and everything was rigged through a very corrupt system.

The story is fascinating because Napoleon tried to institute sovereignty in France and a meritocracy and a lot of masks got dropped because the autocrats were just not going to let that happen.

Since Napoleon the “masters of Europe” have had to switch up their game a great deal. I think they are even more duplicitous now in the shadows hiding behind political theater and unending media distractions.

Basically I think if Napoleon had accepted the Frankfurt proposals, there would’ve been war about the next thing invented quickly thereafter and the result would be little different than what happened.

The basis of my opinion can be found at the memoirs below:


The irony of the anti-fascists

Guest post by Basilisk

You know what I find ironic about the anti-fascist groups? Those people who are ardently opposed to the white supremacy groups also tend to favor gun control laws. Some of them are the people who loudly ask after a shooting why the red flags were ignored and something wasn’t done by the government. 

Here’s the ironic part. 

Red Flag laws have been enacted in 14 states. New York’s goes into effect 8.24.19. Tomorrow. 

You know what this law does? Without any alleged crime having occurred, the police can go to a judge at any time of the day or night and get an order, not a warrant, and then go to someone’s house, make them surrender any pistols, rifles or shotguns, make them write out a list of all guns in the house, even if doing so would violate their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, and then detain them while they search and seize any guns. 

And if the police just so happen to find any contraband during their warrantless search? Then that person with a lawfully registered handgun will be arrested and charged with a crime. 

If you’re fine with this, fine. If you are opposed to the expansion of police power, like most anti-fascist groups are, too bad. 


A Quora question about Napoleon answered: What were some of Napoleon’s strange habits?

Napoleon used licorice as a cure and until the cruelty of St. Helena it mostly worked. He consumed snuff but not really. Mostly it fell around. He fed snuff to the gazelles at Malmaison who only liked him and everyone says the gazelles enjoyed the snuff and didn’t suffer ill effects.

Throwing certain correspondence on the floor meant it was “answered”. Napoleon’s writing was so illegible he could hardly make it out.

It’s said Napoleon made a mess of his white breeches by blotting out his pen on them. He habitually wore little slippers. Napoleon liked to attend masked balls dressed as a domino.

Napoleon wore a uniform way below his rank every single day and just couldn’t feel like himself in regular stylish clothing.

One of his favorite lines was, “When I had the honor to be a sub lieutenant” and then he’d talk about how little he spent on necessities back then.

He was a bit obsessed with his stepdaughter so he forced her to become a Bonaparte (by marrying her to Napoleon’s awful brother) which she consented to because she loved Napoleon back. He was especially fond of arranging marriages which was a favorite hobby between him and his stepdaughter even though he had created such a terrible marriage for her. He usually sat next to his stepdaughter at meals and he kept her as the third wheel of BOTH of his marriages which I’m sure his second wife didn’t like one bit.

I really could go on. Napoleon was very eccentric.


What if Napoleon had conquered England?


(This is my answer from Quora)

That is a great question. If Napoleon had gotten his way he would have created a meritocracy where people could get ahead by virtue of their talents. Perhaps Federal Reserve paper money wouldn’t be the currency but actual gold. Perhaps there wouldn’t be a small group with all the advantages propped up in a rigged system. Napoleon would’ve established better cultural institutions. Maybe we wouldn’t be lied to so very frequently by the media today. Perhaps we wouldn’t have to endure so many divide and conquer tactics thrown at us. Napoleon’s efforts were highly ideological. He really did mean to benefit the people.