I’m finding out now that the name Napoleon comes from Nibelung. My project is largely inspired by the Ring of Nibelungen hero’s journey.




My avatar has been a Valkyrie inspired by the Ring of Nibelungen by Wagner. 


Many have asked me why I use a Valkyrie avatar. It’s because this project is also about Napoleon’s stepdaughter Hortense - who was viewed as a Valkyrie to Napoleon. 


The following is about the origin of the name Napoleon: 


It says above that the “Nap” adjustment of the Nibelung derived name comes from Naples. A female from Naples is a Napoletana - abbreviated as a “Tana” - the first name on my birth certificate is Tana.


A Nibelung is a dwarf and a Valkyrie is a war maiden who carries the war dead to the higher realms. 


This is an excerpt from the Valkyrie - the music drama - in lego: (here the Valkyrie interacts with her Napoleon like father Odin/Wotan)

My use of the rainbow is also inspired by the Ring of Nibelungen. The rainbow is the bridge to heaven and it has its own theme.

I’ve also been exploring jewelry making in part because of the Ring of Nibelungen. It’s a hero’s journey that references a story about a gold ring.


A goal here has been to attempt to do a real life hero’s journey live on the internet. I’ve always had very mystical leanings. The hero’s journey is a story that has been told everywhere by every group. Famous examples of a hero’s journey other than the Ring of Nibelungen would be Lord of the Ring or Star Wars. 


Since the eternal story of all people (the hero’s journey) is always a supernatural story, I felt this was proof of the supernatural. I was hoping that I could prove the supernatural through doing this project. I have had a strong suspicion for some time that there is a nefarious agenda to efface the supernatural from the minds of the public. This has been my attempt to counter this agenda.


When supernatural things happen in my life - that blue orb just showed up long enough so I could photograph it, I tend to google the subject.



Invariably when I google some mystical experience, I have to plough through innumerable web sites saying that mystical things are always not mystical, the mystical person is just kidding themself. No one can say what’s going on in the life of others like that so why are all these erroneous articles being created?


Both Tanster and Napoleon reduce to 7 and 11 in the most basic ciphers. 


My birthday and Napoleon’s birthday both add up to 1.

11+6+1973=1990, 1+9+9=19, 1+9=10, 10 reduces to 1

8+15+1769=1792, 1+7+9+2=19, 1+9=10, 10 reduces to 1.


Day in day out, I seek to show my truth and these coincidences strike me as worth noting. 

It’s so easy to see who is real and who is operating in bad faith (after paying attention for a while).

Once a person loses the narcissistic programming, their games and tricks simply don’t work anymore. 


The numbers started making no sense around the time this project showed the public something about the NXIVM cult in case anyone is wondering. I wasn’t on Facebook at that time, maybe that’s why those numbers seem more authentic at this time.


My LinkedIn numbers plummeted around a year ago. They went from about 2,000 views to 20. I barely get a view a day on SoundCloud (which I pay for). My Reddit page doesn’t go north of 45 subscribers. Youtube, to where I direct all my readings, registers almost nothing. My Instagram has been going only down. Steemit banned me and called me “bad” twice. Saidit banned me. My bitchute is perpetually frozen at the numbers I had a year ago.


Its also become very difficult to upload my Napoleon Memoirs on Youtube. See below - 1 view after a full day on my channel - as per usual.



Since then, I’ve also had innumerable “new internet friends” try to trick me into destroying my reputation through attempting to get me into public fights. Through trying to get me to post racist content. Through trying to manipulate me into supporting partisan politics. The last one tried whispering poison in my ear about the Napoleon saga and he or she is still targeting me on Facebook. Instead of ruining me, they merely offered me a look into their bag of tricks.


If someone wants to sneer at Napoleon, a great hero who gave his life fighting for humanity, and his family why do they feel the need to chase me around the internet to do it? 


I suspected years ago the day would come when “Napoleon scholars” would find themselves furious with me for contradicting their mountains of BS. That day seems fast approaching.


On another note: 

I believe both the democrats and the republicans originate from the same highly dishonest not so secret “club”. 



One thing that showed me that these tricks had not been working was when the guy who installed my stove six months ago told the other guy working with him, “that’s the one who exposed the politicians.”


I just want people to see how it is. 


When I asked a police officer for help about a new age healer’s scam that no one would stop, he told me I could complain on the internet and he said, “deeds done at night come to light.”


I was also surprised to learn that the laws favored the rights of a scammer to scam over those of the vulnerable that he targeted. The police personnel I spoke to seemed frustrated that the laws would not enable them to assist in my just cause. I’m frequently told this scammer appears to be flagrantly involved in trafficking.


A certain crowd seems to view themselves as quite untouchable when it comes to their criminal activity.


I say this every chance where it has been appropriate, I have been very well treated by almost all the police officers that I have interacted with throughout this project. The problem is at the very top. Know that. 


They can’t drive me off the internet without showing that they run it for their own dishonest aims. You know what they are by what they do. 

Fluorite Tumbler Test

I put this stone in a rock tumbler with silicon carbide media for around 10 days. I shaved it down in the interim with a lapidary machine (a spinning table top sander). My goal is a smooth, shiny stone. It chipped yesterday and I’m thinking the tumbler is not the right polisher. Next I’ll do my best on the lapidary machine.

What if we all stopped letting narcissists play us?

I learned when I was young that appeasing tyrants only makes them demand much more. Of all the beings who have mistreated me that I know of, they didn’t all turn out poor but they all turned out lonely and miserable. I chose to save myself.