My YouTube Channel art videos are constantly attacked.

I get notices all day that the music conglomerates are monetizing my YouTube channel in their favor because the rich never have enough and why should us regular people have a share in the good things of life like art?


Now the people who hate me are downvoting me. Check out what kind of shadowy types oppose my project. 


Learn about how Truthseekers are targeted by those who hide behind masks here


The beautiful sunset getting downvoted is here


Memoirs of Lavalette about Napoleon, 10-20

Lavalette describes exactly how it looks like Lafayette was in on the upcoming murder of the King. (He was also in on the betrayal of Napoleon.)


This Series is about exposing the Truth concerning Napoleon. We are looking for the congruent story across different Napoleon Memoirs.

The beginning of the Memoir we are currently reading can be found here.

The Caulaincourt Memoir is here.

The Marchand Memoir is here.

The Hortense Bonaparte Memoir is here.

All writers of these memoirs are considered exceptionally honest. All essentially lived with Napoleon. You will see that Napoleon is the same person in all of these accounts. I’m doing this because I believe this is important and that our whole present world-in-crisis comes out of this True story.

To corroborate our narrative from the perspective of our opponents, I offer the reader Tolstoy’s War and Peace here.

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