I don’t think this country ever really got its emancipation from the British Empire. 

This video shows a police officer repeatedly bully and cajole a child to get her to stop using her Constitutional Rights.

This could be a stunt. There are so many but I’m passing it along in case it’s authentic. 

I would also like to thank the police in my area (eastern Long Island). They’ve always been supportive and appropriate when it has come to the awkward situations that my project has created. We also receive a lot of support from many in the local court system. There are plenty of good people out there who really want to do the right thing.

Mastigia the Mod: The Reddit Conspiracy mod who wouldn’t let me defend myself -

also posts divisive partisan pro degeneracy comments. 


Where this mod wouldn’t let me defend myself is here


The information mastigia took down is here.


The post where we found mastigia’s telling comment is here .


There’s no rule that I must hide my true identity. 


Also is it worth noting that mastigia wrote he was going take down a post exposing child trafficking yesterday by misusing a “no doxing” rule. This mod said there was personal information in the article and that’s why he was taking it down. Many complained. 


There is is a commonly accepted rule that you cannot publish other people’s real addresses online without their consent. This rule, however, is being twisted to shut down truth. 


Thank you to the readers

I think of us as the silent majority. We don’t want to be subverted into becoming extremists. We don’t hate anybody. We just want to have our freedom.


We don’t want to be oppressed. We are really concerned about all the child abuse. We’re having to endure a lot of struggle to rise above the severe brainwashing that’s been inflicted on us.


I thank you for following this weird project. I know it took a lot to get you all the way to this blog from the comfort of the big psyop platforms. They’re basically like the mall. They offer the illusion of choice but it’s all just a front to destroy our community.


All we have to do is follow our higher selves/intuition/connection to God/Jesus/however you feel the Creator and we will be fine. They can’t ever really kill us. We are immortal as long as we can hang on to our souls.


They do everything they can to block this amazing strength of ours. 


Ben Szemkus is being harassed in Seattle. He may have to lay low again.

This is by an anonymous writer:


Ben Szemkus is a major force in the truth world. He has exposed major politicians as being associated with the slave sex cult, NXIVM.  He has also revealed that he was sexually abused as a child at the behest of his parents and was forced by them to be transgendered.

Do you know what has me convinced he is telling the truth? The organized paid shill campaign to smear his good name. Ben passed a polygraph test administered by a court certified expert. 

In addition to sharing these shocking and important experiences, Ben is also active in his hometown, exposing the corruption involving the local government. Someone is after Ben and he may have to go off the grid again. 


Ben Szemkus responds to Valkyrie Weather

Valkyrie Weather revealed yesterday that she, a transgender woman, had been sexually abused as a child by her father, movie producer Rob Cohen. Cohen is known for his work on the Fast and the Furious and XxX.

Ben Szemkus recently revealed that he too had been the victim of child sex abuse and he had been forced to become transgender. Below Ben gives his response to Valkyrie Weather: