I’m getting exposed as an actor on Reddit.

They were also exposing my real name Tana and they were inferring people shouldn’t believe Ben Szemkus because of my acting.


This information about my supposedly secret name and my supposedly secret acting undoubtedly came from me and my own art project.


I’m hiding nothing. 


I was in school plays. I went to college, specifically, to find a way to stage my first Napoleon play, Longwood. Because I couldn’t find someone to play Napoleon that pleased me, I played Napoleon. 


After that, I studied at the Sorbonne to learn French so I could write my second play about Napoleon. This time, I was telling the story of Napoleon from the perspective of his stepdaughter Hortense.


After that, I went To NYIT to get a Master’s Degree in Film Production. Me and my friends made this movie. I gave myself the title role. 


I’m providing this information in case there are individuals who would like to expose me with more information from my own art project. 


What is being proven here in my opinion is that I’ve angered a lot of publicists and they’ve got to find something to say in their attempts to discredit me. 


Is my story congruent? Have I contradicted myself? My whole adult life is on the internet. I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes but honesty has always been very important to me.


As an adult, I performed in projects I wrote. I was just always sorry I could never find success. That’s part of why I became a celebrity photographer. 


It was through that experience that I realized that I wanted nothing to do with that crowd. Now this same crowd attacks me on the internet because I’m telling the truth.


My IMDb page is here