A Mythology Comparison

9/14, I gave my life to God (whatever that really means) and asked to be shown how to serve. I used the hero’s journey as the reason why I believed this just might work. The hero's journey involves the idea that all the epic stories are just really one story: a hero fighting evil.


I could recognize the outline of the hero’s journey in the examples of Napoleon and Jesus. 


Since then, I’ve come to perceive that mythology/paganism seems to be a sort of witchcraft religion. We hear children are killed as part of this belief system. 


As part of my journey, my hell experience was getting caught up in an online new age cult


Through that experience, I learned the new age movement is highly infiltrated with con artists and demonic types feeding on the good intentions of truthseekers like me.


I also learned, however, that in the new age world they are mixing a lot of truth with what maybe very well be thinly disguised Lucifer worship.


These new revelations have put me in an awkward position. I want truth. I want to fulfill my hero’s journey but there are demonic traps placed all around the genuine truth. 


Despite how it comes across, I will continue to seek truth everywhere.


I will share what I can here on this blog. 


To highlight the international character of the hero’s journey, I present a written piece showing the huge numbers of similarities between the Greek pagan religion and Hinduism. 


In summary, I believe the difference between the good path and the bad path is intentions.


Am I serving the Creator (as revealed through intuition) or my selfish desires? 


The article is here