Twitter continues to take a stand against my education project by passive aggressively double posting my work.

One can verify personally that they are fighting my honesty in this way. I’m glad they are showing themselves for what they really are. That’s one way for the truth to get out.

Why are they being so petty about someone who gets practically no numbers or apparent interaction on there? Their story makes no sense. Stories that make no sense are usually comprised of lies. They also changed it so I can’t post a video where the screen shows up anymore.

Is Twitter just for people who parrot the official story that gets shoved down our throats if we choose to turn on a television? Or for those buying the “alt media” stories? You be the judge. I’m proud to stand for my truth - even if I do so alone. It was on Twitter that some accounts tried to subvert me into joining the “Q Movement”.

I always suggest that people think for themselves, as I try to do. If I can’t retain dominion over my own mind, then I’m lost anyway. I’m certainly not going to follow the herd following “celebrities” off of a cliff. There’s got to be something more interesting than that for me to do with the rest of my days in this realm of deception.

How can we determine the truth? It is by witnessing an entity’s actions that we determine the truth. The only time I got numbers or “activity” on Twitter was when the Q Movement was trying to seduce me into their cult.

The lies I discuss on this blog are the tip of the iceberg. Fraud, harassment, the intentional infliction of emotional distress and the violation of civil rights, all that is pretty serious stuff. Those laws are still on the books. I also warned Twitter through a lawyer in 2017 that a guru was using their platform to influence vulnerable people into killing themselves. Then someone following that guru killed himself. The internet isn’t that much of a cloak for bad behavior. Everyone is watching.