I was posting here last night and my post disappeared.

Then my post appeared under my memoir reading post but I only found that out later. Then I rewrote the post and put it up. I want people to see the Stasi like tactics that are happening. I will continue to make a record of them.

Basically this strange occurrence led to a “double post” on this blog.

It looks like I’m hacked here or some group can get into many of the places where I post and they can post as me. So far we’re just seeing double posts from them. If it doesn’t sound like me then it’s not me.

Harassing someone for being honest is not a great way to continue to trick the world through the use of a controlled media.


I also have some not so secret group double posting my work on Twitter. You know them by their actions. I would just be focusing mostly on jewelry and Napoleon research and narcissism awareness if this group weren’t infringing on my rights like this. They are forcing me to shine a light on them. I would rather die than uphold their lie so I have no choice but to do this. I don’t hide from them. I know who they are. They live behind nice guy masks. They are dropping their masks out of their hatred for me. Just like that group dropped their masks about Napoleon. That’s probably why they killed him and vilify him nonstop for over 200 years. Purity cannot be murdered. Not really.