“I recognize the English way of lying. Never saying a pure lie but obliterating everything else, therefore screwing the real understanding of a situation.”

This is why I ask the public to listen to the Napoleon Memoir Series. This writer has a slightly different perspective than I do but he reviewed the material and formed his own opinion.

Enjoy the truth in this writing.

Should the French be ashamed of Napoleon?


I don’t think Napoleon changes, I think he succumbs to seriously high levels of subversion and he doesn’t see any other way out. I think Napoleon believes the aristocrats and infiltrators around him way too much. If Napoleon becomes just another autocrat like the others, why did he end up with nearly nothing? Why did he work constantly? Why was he on the front lines? Why did he give up at the prospect of civil war when lots people were willing to fight for him in 1815? Napoleon’s life and actions showed he wanted to fight for France or to die doing it. I think he was framed into looking like a royal jerk.

The memoirs so far are available here.