Chigozie on the contrived Stormy Daniels arrest in Ohio.

If the Trump administration were really framing Stormy Daniels as this story suggests, they might have expressed interest in the Ben Szemkus NXIVM mixer story. Ben says he saw “Daniels” at a NXIVM mixer in 2007.


Ben is so adamant he is Truthful, he will submit to a polygraph examination. He contacted the authorities but there was no interest in his story. You’d think the “mainstream media” would consider this “news”. You’d think that only if you still bought into the illusion they’ve created for us.


You don’t need a gematria analysis to see this for what it is. Instead of interest in Ben’s story, I’ve been experiencing the deliberate squashing of my channels. If YouTube had not given strikes to TWO of my channels, our story would have reached more people. Want proof about the Truth being ACTIVELY suppressed? Just follow this project.


Here are videos showing Ben as he testifies to what he saw at a NXIVM mixer:


Enjoy the show. 


Chigozie is from Ohio and here he gives his take on recent developments in the Trump show soap opera. These are Chigozie’s opinions:


Not sure Trump’s a performer? Check him out as he pretends to beat someone up on a professional wrestling show. 


Moon Over Parador is a movie about a wicked cabal that hires an actor to play their “dictator”.