Now we’ve got a revealed blind item about NXIVM from

It looks like this is more corroboration for Ben’s NXIVM testimony. How could this cult get away with such diabolical behavior without friends “at the top”? Ben says various political figures appeared to be associated with NXIVM. Ben has consistently been the target of defamatory abuse hailing from the comments and posting of


They appeared to be open to Ben’s story at first. Was it all just a set up?


How could they launch their defamatory ugliness without introducing him first?


I consider it outrageous and actionable that a frank report contributor named “Larry Shea” called Ben a “proven liar” , a “con” and a “scammer”.


I do not intend on suing anyone and I will vigorously defend myself if sued. I believe this is the court. I want the Truth and I want justice. 


The fact that shadowy figures are obviously desperate to discredit a courageous and, in my opinion, heroic witness like Ben tells you that these types are willing to discredit THEMSELVES in the hope of blackening Ben’s name.


Those who view MORE LIES as a cover for their nefarious schemes have already lost (their souls). I consider repentance a priority for myself. Others might be wise to explore the concept as well.


How hard will the oligarchs work to suppress the Truth about this cult? 


This what happens when rich people are held  as “above the law”: