Dan Called It Again.

Dan uses gematria to trace cultural patterns in public life and his own. Dan predicted P!NK might be selected to perform at the Super Bowl.

Since I went with Dan’s theme gematria idea, I believed that the Eagles were more likely to win the Super Bowl than the Patriots. I particularly abhore being wrong but I still felt I had to put the support of Dan’s idea up on this site before the game. The Patriots looked like they were going to win and then whoops Dan was right again. I remember one team scored 33 points. What a joke.

Dan said there was a bridge theme and a bridge did collapse. One of the biggest themes you will hear from Dan is that of the movie “Stand By Me”.

Watch the video for his explanation about this theme.

Since Dan has spoken about this Stand By Me theme so frequently - many of us were surprised/not surprised Dan got it right again.

The song “Stand By Me” was performed at the sham royal wedding. This just shows you one more time that it’s all connected. It’s just a show. It’s always time to wake up from these clowns and their theatrical ways.

These people look so fake and mind controlled to me. When you’re on the other side, this show starts to feel really creepy. It’s an imitation of life.