My Opinion On Reptilians At This Time.

I have this issue with Paul Romano of Pockets From The Future on YouTube.


He acts in that annoying new age way like he has all the frickin’ answers and he doesn’t. No matter how much he drones on that he does. Yet he covers topics that I am extremely interested in. SO even though I’ve unsubbed from his channel YouTube robots know I’ll probably click on his stuff so they tease me by putting his videos at the top of my list. 


Romano doesn’t interact with me at all. My issues with him are MY ISSUES but I’d like to share with you a comment I made in reaction to the following video.


My comment on Romano’s YouTube channel: (yes I do know can be very annoying):


“I’ve always been suspicious when someone says they have the answers to unanswerable questions. Aliens may be real. We may be under the rule of reptilians. I deeply believe that the supernatural is real and I engage with it. But God hasn’t sent me my “I’m totally right in all my opinions” diploma yet. If Mr. Romano believes he has received one, there is a chance it’s a forgery.

That being said my opinion is, for what it’s worth, and this may change if I receive new credible data-I think the reptilians are demons. I believe these demons inhabit humans - preferably transgenders. Once the demon is living through the human, the demon directs the body how to do the satanic rituals and spell craft needed so it can get what it wants which is usually - sex, money and power.

I believe this class of demons has been ruling earth for thousands of years. I think the last person who really pushed hard back against this group of “royals” was Napoleon. He was slowly murdered with poison and Britain crapped out the story he died of cancer (and that he was unusually short which he wasn’t).

I think the British Empire (which includes the US) and the Church in Rome are two major thrones from which these diabolical monsters rule over us.”