New CIA Director is a Woman! If You Don’t Like Psychopathic Torture, Then Prepare To Hate Yourself For Harboring Contempt Towards Women - Says This Mental Trap.

Women are supposed to feel as if they’ve made progress because the new director of the CIA is a woman. If anyone questions the inhumanity of the new director of the CIA, then that’s an attack on women. The media has repeatedly shown that the new director of the CIA probably should be convicted of war crimes instead of receiving a promotion. So I guess what they’re saying is that to be successful a woman needs to be a horrible person? Well that media message is also monstrous. AND with the ruling class, chances are pretty good this individual with the big new job and the long arms may be gender inverted. So maybe not really a woman but the media certainly won’t add that to the garbage nightmare potion they’ve mixed up and spewed on a dumbed down and mind controlled public.


Remember if Israel slaughters people and you don’t like it, that’s antisemitisn, though the Israelis don’t look like they’re from the Middle East. If you don’t like torture, that’s just a bunch of sexism. If these mental traps aren’t a bunch of witchcraft - something to manipulate people into consenting to capital E Evil, I don’t know what is.


Derek shows in this video there are no lack of numerical coincidences surrounding yet another ugly psyop. We expose this because people need to wake up.

Is this supposed to be ok? I hear everyday someone saying that Trump is “God’s Annointed One” or something like that. This sickens me and I do not consent. I am deeply ashamed to be associated with these psychopaths by living under their rule.