I Still Want Us To Find Out The Truth About YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam.

I tried to get people into researching this. I thought the videos looked like they were by Eric Wareheim. I read an article where Eric Wareheim said his favorite director was Stanley Kubrick (who allegedly filmed the moonwalk). Wareheim also said he was living a very expensive lifestyle amongst the elite in LA. Wareheim hangs out with openly satanic types like Marilyn Manson.

Nasim’s videos were full of Masonic/mk ultra symbolism. I learned Nasim’s father’s house was in her name. Nasim had no apparent income but possessed a very full suite of high tech production equipment and skills.

Nasim was said to have had a legal 9mm pistol which is expensive and hard to get because of red tape. We’re supposed to believe a vegan activist who lived with relatives made legal gun ownership a priority? The police found Nasim sleeping in a car the night before the shooting. She was so technically inept she couldn’t figure out how to find her own phone number in her android.

There was no funeral. No obituary. I was thinking I could prove this was a false flag. For weeks, I showed the incongruence of the mainstream narrative on this site. I proved to myself the story was BS.

What can we do if they set up “events” and then frame a weirdo? Many of us thought Nasim was set up to make us, those who question the establishment, look like murderers who must be stopped “minority report” style. Every false flag where they try to frame the Truthful and courageous just makes me more resolutely determined to expose these monstrous lies.


This below is supposed to be Nasim’s parents. Check it out: