How Did You React To The Flat Earth Psyop?

Many have questions about Russianvids. First of all he starts his name with “Russian”. Is he setting us up to look like traitors to the American Public if we like “Russian” videos? Also Russianvids doesn’t show his real name or face. It seems they found his name and address and he’s well off financially we hear. Russianvids is also friendly with obvious YouTube “flat earth shills.”

Flat Earth Shills can be secretly transgender with fake unreal internet biographical backgrounds. Though I absolutely could be completely wrong, I would consider Lauren Southern, Patricia Steere and Mark Sargent to be obvious agents.

The theory would be that Russianvids makes great videos. Because the videos are so engaging, you’ll believe him when he slips in his psyop lies about the flat earth. Then the dumb audience member tells his friend the earth may be flat. Then that original person is shunned eternally from all human contact because he ever dared to question the narrative about the earth that they shoved down his throat while they also lied to him about everything else as well.

THEREFORE I am postulating that anyone can be exposed for good or ill by how they react to the Flat Earth Psyop.

These are some of the potential reactions to be had in reaction to the Flat Earth Psyop™️:

  1. Immediately accepts it because his friend seems so sure about it.
  2. Immediately calls friend “stupid” for questioning something that everyone else says is True.
  3. Finds the idea intriguing and explores further.
  4. Chooses the side where it is more appropriate to call the other side “retards”, then he uses his five YouTube shows in a row one day to call people “retards” for not aligning with his not very persuasive position.
  5. Feels energized by finding a new topic for troll comment posting under imdb movies that haven’t been released yet. 
  6. Tells people that flat earth cannot be discussed in their presence because it might cause “division”.
  7. Was told by worship leader that the Bible says the earth is flat. Now “debates” in online forums to explain to people why it’s more “godly” to believe in flat earth than the globe earth.
  8. Believes whatever the paycheck says they’re supposed to believe. What difference would it make? Gotta pay the bills. 

Your reaction is who you are. What do you think?


Here below at the link is what someone might consider a Russianvids flat earth disinfo. video.


I think he makes his case.