Censored Content About Captain Kirk.

Russianvids has been repeatedly run off YouTube. At this video you will see William Shatner repeatedly saying science is science fiction. Shatner also pretty blatantly mocks people for believing the kind of crap that a person like him says.

Perhaps you may interpret this video in a different way. This is a great example of the kind of content that YouTube can no longer stomach.


I guess it’s worth it for them to reveal themselves as totalitarian oppressors who can only function in a marketplace of ideas unjustly rigged in their favor rather than extend liberty and respect for others permitting free speech to their fellow man.


They’d obviously rather just cruelly gag the voices people who lack the limitless funds to buy the means of DISTRIBUTION (as they can).


Remember YouTube leaves videos up that encourage teens to cut and hurt themselves. That kind of stuff. That’s protected free speech on Youtube. Kids hurting themselves. A YouTube employee says we’re the shitty people that they’re trying to run off. The government is fine with that.