A Call For An Uprising makes a good point. He says that the media exposes things when it wants to for its own agenda. Dan Schneider is well known for preying sexually on children through his privileged position at Nickelodeon.

We hear Nickelodeon quietly dismissed Schneider and the mainstream media didn’t consider the actions of an alleged serial child predator worthy of any coverage. 

There are no legal ramifications when it comes to Schneider for the alleged predation against children. 

It’s so important for us to spread the word at a grassroots level because then it shows what the mainstream media is hiding and it shows regular people the Truth about the tyrants in charge. 

When the mainstream media closed ranks and said #pizzagate was “debunked” without any real proof that SPOKE VOLUMES. Anyone who covers for pedophiles is saying that they are okay with the continued exploitation of children.

I am am not okay with the continued exploitation of children.