There is no question that the media presents androgyny as the height of sexual appeal.


I believe that pretty much anything you see happening on the dark occult side is probably some sort of twisted version of Godly Truth. I think when someone really aligns with God, that their male and female aspect will combine spiritually.


Someone like that is beyond gender and spiritually very powerful. Physically however, they will be the gender they were at birth. I doubt God would be in favor of mutilating children away from their birth gender through hormones and surgery. 


With that said, there is no question in my mind that many elites are gender inverted. Since I live in a beach resort town where elites “summer” I really couldn’t understand why I looked nothing like these “rich women”. I was always kind of round and soft while many of the rich “women” were extremely thin Claudia Schiffer types. 


Jungle Surfer is one of the first people to have started identifying gender inversion amongst celebrities. While I don’t always agree with his conclusions, he does his best to show why he believes what he believes. 


Here he is saying The Rolling Stones were born as women. Is Jungle Surfer insane to believe this? Is he making a good point? Can you see this as well?


I find this video QUITE amusing but I’m not totally convinced. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes who knows...