Sometimes infiltrators give up other infiltrators in an attempt to glue their mask back together.

“2019 is not going to be a good year for shills”, says one of the biggest shills (my opinion) in the whole sea of Youtube shills. 


It’s always something to watch when they pull this move. 


It’s even possible that it’s shills exposing this shill. I’ve been building my case to show this second shill faction for months.


Are we possibly watching a shill exposing a shill exposing a shill? I don’t know anything about the content creator who posted this but a highly suspected shill is the first guy cheering this channel creator on in the comments of this video. This commenter suspected shill is applauding a shill exposé (of a shill exposé).


Now that’s Meta! 


That commenter suspected shill appeared in this video right here below.


I think the oligarchs have spent the money that came so easily to them on SO MANY internet shills to flood out the real Truth with garbage. 


A True story is congruent and it has a lot of data backing it up. Don’t let them confuse you. See through their media mind tricks. 


Ryan in this video below is PRETENDING he cares about the credibility of real whistleblowers. It just so happens that I found one of the most explosive whistleblower stories in HIS YOUTUBE COMMENTS. Not only did Ryan not support this blockbuster story but he repeatedly ATTEMPTED UNSUCCESSFULLY to discredit this whistleblower testimony.


The facts speak for themselves.