Widely discredited YouTuber Random Rants of Ryan is coming for Ben Szemkus. Watch a smear campaign against a Truthful person in real time.

I found Ben in the comments of this Youtuber. Ryan didn’t want to cover Ben’s highly credible story then but I did.


Then soon after, Ryan hosted the main person attacking Ben. Ryan didn’t even know the name of that guy’s book


We told Ryan in his comments his guest has a really gross history of doing legal threat shakedowns.  Ryan was deceptive in his comments about it.


Ryan has been contacting Ben obviously looking for dirt on him. Ryan asked for pictures of Ben with an ex girlfriend and he asked about Troma.


Ryan, who refused to cover Ben’s serious and important story but covered his attacker instead - then came to Ben for help with the smear campaign he was orchestrating.


Ben and I have been just watching Ryan do this.


Ryan recently urinated on camera. He seemed a bit surprised at his shamelessness. So were we. 


Ryan recently apologized on air for calling Troma a pedophile business. 

I worked at Getty Images. I even was hired as a photographer by Harvey Weinstein through Getty Images. Would Ryan like to do a video about that?


I almost tried saying hi to Weinstein but clearly from his demeanor I was beneath his contempt so I didn’t bother. 


I can see it now plastered across a video on Random Rants of Ryan: Tanster linked to Harvey Weinstein! 


You know them by their fruits. Watch how they attempt to destroy the Truth in real time. You will learn many things.


Napoleon said one shouldn’t war too often against one enemy lest the enemy will learn all one’s art of war. 


Learn their art of war.  


If you’re interested in Ben’s highly congruent testimony about NXIVM’s recruiting practices involving big time politicians and currently highly overexposed media personalities compiled in an exhaustive playlist, please click here.


I hear NXIVM affiliated children’s schools are still in operation. If that is actually True, WHY IS THAT? 


The way children are treated is the Truest reflection of what a culture is really all about. Why doesn’t Ryan use his platform to cover the Truth about those NXIVM schools? Has Ryan been trying to contact NXIVM (Rainbow Cultural Garden) looking for dirt on those schools? 


Ask yourself that please.