I am now getting less than 10 percent of the views I used to get on LinkedIn, if that platform is to be believed.



When the blockbuster still entirely congruent polygraph verified Ben Szemkus testimony exploded on the scene blowing the cover of SEVERAL controlled opposition agents, my numbers on my almost 18,000 mostly media connections LinkedIn account plummeted to a comical degree.  LinkedIn has previously deleted my account for committing the so-called infraction called “spam”.


My original content is obviously not spam and it WAS popular so clearly they wanted to get rid of me back then. Since I guess they couldn’t find a real reason to ban me, they let me have my account back.


Now my numbers are just so much lower than before. Do they want to discourage me so I’ll just shut up and give up? Are these platforms using fake numbers to mentally sabotage the Truthful? 


I, of course, cannot say. At the moment when my project really started to heat up, my mainstream media connections lost interest in what I’m doing according to the LinkedIn numbers. 


Even though from a few months ago, I lost at least a zero from the end of my numbers, the names that pop up are usually really recognizable ones.


Could the mainstream media be interested in the Truth even if they are unwilling or incapable of actually sharing it with the public?


You decide.