It is my opinion that is a controlled opposition NXIVM blog.

Scott Tex Johnson is known for commenting an almost alarming (some might say suspicious) amount on frankreport and he contributes mightily to the bellicose atmosphere at that blog


Ben Szemkus and I only started to realize the Truth about that blog when they published a comically defamatory hit piece on Ben. It’s too gross. I’m not looking for it to post here but I can assure you it’s ridiculous.


IN MY OPINION, the group surrounding the did not just let their mask slip with this hit piece: In a fit of fury, it seems like they ripped their mask off, threw it down onto the elaborate masonry under their expensive red shoes and then jumped on top of their mask repeatedly before they got in their truck to run over the mask backwards and forwards using the biggest 4by4 in their luxury transportation fleet. 


Now I learn that I have been blocked by Scott Tex Johnson. This is really weird because Scott has always treated me as if we were the very best of friends. (He says he blocked me because I blocked him first.)


Scott was a total doll (really!) when I was on his Amway Exposé show discussing my complicated situation with my then neighbor Matt Lauer.



Since Scott was treating me like we were the best and warmest of friends and I had no reason to doubt him, I extended that spirit of friendship to warning him that publicist Frank Parlato (whom Scott seemed to powerfully idolize) was perhaps not the heroic figure he was purporting himself to be on his own blog.


Whatever I said to Scott was volleyed back with a “yeah but . . .” to the degree that I was FORCED to conclude either Scott is yet another person being tricked by Parlato OR Scott is, unfortunately, in on it.


It never got ugly between me and Scott. If I’m not mistaken, my last words to him were, “I appreciate you.”


I try to appreciate everyone (even Frank Parlato). I can learn and grow as a result of my interaction with anyone. I pray everyday for my sins to be forgiven and I pray to forgive the sins of others. 


Although I do pray to forgive the sins of others, I also feel guided to expose wolves in sheep’s clothing. I was once gullible enough to fall for dark occult tricks and I endeavor to show other soft hearted people how to identify the tricks of the deceptive. 


Now Scott Johnson has blocked me. I wouldn’t have even tried going on Scott’s Twitter if Ben hadn’t informed me that Scott had been invoking Ben’s twitter name. 




These are are my reasons why I don’t believe in the sincerity of the frankreport.