Random Rants of Ryan says he’s sorry he called Troma a pedophile business.

Let’s just say I put up on YouTube a conversation with Ben Szemkus where Ben said he took photos of someone who worked for Troma. Ben told me that the people at Troma JOKINGLY said that James Gunn is a pedo.


Ben said something else in that conversation that is True to him BUT he thought his enemies would use that information against him. He asked me to take the video down which I did in accordance with my respect for his wishes.


Then the sock puppet account that I rightly or wrongly viewed as Nathan Stolpman asked me why I took that Ben Szemkus video down. 


Next thing, all these totally non credible psyop types IN MY OPINION start saying Troma is a pedophile business.


Then Isaac Kappy starts telephoning Ben Szemkus asking him to appear with him online - Ben told me. 


Then Isaac Kappy, I’m told, brought up the name of Ben Szemkus in a Titus Frost marathon broadcast.


After that, Ryan Twitter messages Ben Szemkus. Based on what I could glean from the interaction, it SOUNDED TO ME like Ryan was covertly begging for Ben to incriminate himself in connection to Troma. Ben isn’t letting me post this interaction yet but I have it. Ben posted part of it (I heard) on his twitter @bernxmas


Lastly, Ryan apologizes to Troma while he insinuates that they are totally guilty of everything he had been saying about them. Perhaps your ears will hear something different when you listen to this video. 


The scope of this alleged psyop production comprising the bottom rung of Hollywood has been most educational. Hollywood is renowned for child sexual abuse and we’re supposed to believe these bottom feeders were all exempt from this culture of sexual exploitation? Isaac Kappy even starred in a Hollywood movie where his character was a child rapist.


Conclude what you will.