This lawyer below says it’s unethical for a lawyer to not check out the story of his clients to see if there’s any Truth their charges before he initiates a procedure to abuse the legal system to try and shut an honest person up.


Basically it’s a violation according to this lawyer below, to not verify the Truth in a matter in which he involves himself.


It’s not defamation if it’s True. It’s not defamation if it’s something I witnessed or experienced or thought sincerely. It’s not defamation if it’s about something that cannot be proven or disproven.


If I think someone’s demonic. If I experienced someone as demonic. That is my experience and my opinion. Anything like that is constitutionally protected free speech. If I see pictures of an orgy and I sincerely view that orgy as an orgy - that is constitutionally protected free speech.


A lawyer who doesn’t inform his clients about this reality has seriously let them down and basically led them into a trap of perjury and becoming guilty of filing a false complaint.


The first amendment is a huge law of laws.


In this country, I am empowered by the Constitution to express myself as I see fit as long as I tell the Truth.


Oppressors seem to have so much trouble absorbing this. They always seem to think there’s some trick or manipulation or lie they can conjure up to get their way.


We’ll see.