I know the whole transgender subject is ultra sensitive.

But if someone is secretly transgendered, I want to know about it. If I could’ve identified a secretly transgendered person at the end of 2015, I could’ve understood that I was getting involved with deceptive people.

A person cannot really change their skeleton. Some skeletons are female, some are male and I supposed some are malformed.

You can tell who is being deceptive about their gender by knowing just the difference about the skulls of each respective gender.

I am all for getting the Truth out there. Someone who is deceptive about their gender is probably being deceptive about other things too.

This subject is very controversial and massively important. People who transgender their kids before puberty to please the devil and make deals with him are committing child abuse.

The media wants to brainwash people into thinking this gender switch up is okay. Want to know what the “elites” want you to think? Turn on the tv. The “elites” have the worst intentions for humanity.