Big Fish found child porn on Comet Pizza’s server that connected to a whole lot of people. Big Fish says he went to the media

and no one is willing to broadcast this story.


He says the authorities gave him the runaround and he got a lot of strange visits to his house. Someone even smashed up his truck


The Satanic Ritual Abuse of our fellow humans must stop!


Protecting the pedos is not good for one’s soul.


What will you say to God when He asks you why you didn’t stand up for these CHILDREN and BABIES who are murdered?


This is about your soul.


We all know we are risking our lives to talk about this. Do you want to live in a world that is this devoid of worth? A world where all these above the law psychos rape and kill for sport? What are they really burning to that big owl Molech in Bohemian Grove?