I’ve been on a spiritual journey where I asked merely that God should guide me and that I’d obey. I did this with no agenda other than to know God and to have a better life. Basically I listened to the voice of my intuition.

Through this process, I found myself in the new age world that sounded as if it could promise me anything. I ended up under mind control in an online cult. When I learned the extent of the evil to which I had been subjected - the cult leaders led me on romantically to get free publicity out of me - I naturally warned others.

This is how I learned that the people in charge of the new age world for the most part don’t care about abuse conducted at their events and fairs.

As I tried to warn people, it dawned on me that the “love and light” of the new age world was really a front for something sinister.

Here below is a quote from a leading mind of the new age movement saying that the savior of the world is the serpent.

No, it isn’t.