I’ve been trying to understand why I’ve been brainwashed into accepting androgyny and a one world religion my whole life through the influence of the state and the media.


Now I’m recognizing that children are being pushed into wanting gender reassignment surgery and that many of the “women” in the media bear the markers of male anatomy.


I’ve started to decode the symbols through which the secret societies speak to each other and I’ve been attempting to share that information here best I can.


If what I’m seeing is true, many “elite” families have been transgendering their kids before they have the capacity to consent to it. Angelina Jolie was the first famous person I heard of to let the public know she was going to switch her child’s gender.


If this is real - then why?


Here is the writing of Manly P. Hall. He is an extremely important thinker for the people who secretly run this world. He states that god is androgynous and that people should be too. While this sounds just wonderful - is it? I’m glad I wasn’t mutilated into another gender before I had my say about it!


Hall’s writings strike me as intentionally confusing but I think you can extrapolate that he’s saying that god is androgynous and that humans should become so to emulate him/her.


Read for yourself if you like:


Consider in thoughtful silence the startling use of pronouns in the above extract from "the most perfect example of English literature." When the plural and androgynous Hebrew word Elohim was translated into the singular and sexless word God, the opening chapters of Genesis were rendered comparatively meaningless. It may have been feared that had the word been correctly translated as "the male and female creative agencies," the Christians would have been justly accused of worshiping a plurality of gods in the face of their repeated claims to monotheism! The plural form of the pronouns us and our reveals unmistakably, however, the pantheistic nature of Divinity. Further, the androgynous constitution of the Elohim (God) is disclosed in the next verse, where he (referring to God) is said to have created man in his own image, male and female; or, more properly, as the division of the sexes had not yet taken place, male-female. This is a deathblow to the time-honored concept that God is a masculine potency as portrayed by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The Elohim then order these androgynous beings to be fruitful. Note that neither the masculine nor the feminine principle as yet existed in a separate state! And, lastly, note the word "replenish." The prefix re denotes "back to an original or former state or position," or "repetition or restoration." (See Webster's International Dictionary, 1926.) This definite reference to a humanity existing prior to the "creation of man" described in Genesis must be evident to the most casual reader of Scripture.


Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of all Ages