From the “mailbag”

Since this video was made, innumerable videos have been removed from my Sabbatean Frankist playlist for “hate speech”. Yet knowledge about the Sabbateans vindicates the Jewish people who actually have the intention to serve G-d, as they like to write it. Sharing the truth about the Sabbateans is actually the very opposite of hate speech. What group likes to turn things upside down and make right wrong? If I’m not mistaken, that group would be something very much like the Sabbatean Frankists. It’s hard to identify them because they pretend to belong to the groups they want to destroy. Look it up if you like.


I also highly suspect that this is the group probably most connected with many of the infiltration and subversion agents sent my way. That group is known for just that type of behavior. They rely on not being seen by the public for what they really are. The agents started getting sent to me after we exposed something about NXIVM, so maybe that’s how I landed on their radar to the degree where they felt the need to start harassing me.