If we are being exploited by a dishonest predatory group that has rigged the game utterly in their favor, it’s because we are allowing it.

I was always really ambitious, trying to break through in writing, painting, theatre, you name it. People told me I wasn’t succeeding because I didn’t have connections. I tried to get along with people who had that success. They ended up abusing and exploiting me. Then I gave up and became a celebrity photographer. I figured if culture is dead and all the public wants is fake looking people smiling at them in glossy photographs, then I’d try that. It was there that I realized that there really was no way for me to succeed in the world as it is because I just wasn’t one of them. Over time, I realized that success is only for those “in the club”. I also realized that I could not stand the toxicity of that environment. Therefore “success” was out of the question for me.

The truth, however, that I can show to anyone with the courage to see it.