Hortense’s defamation trial, day 7

Hortense was Napoleon’s stepdaughter. This is her testimony. More about the Duke d’Enghien can be found here.

A bit of backstory: A covert defamer (one of many “new friends who want to help”) has been sent to this project and part of how I’m trying to fight for truth is by exposing how Napoleon and his family are still being defamed to this day.

So if anyone sees someone in my comments on Facebook or elsewhere smearing contempt on the Emperor - you know who I’m taking about. Obviously if someone wants to attach themselves to our project in a negative way, I’m going to have to continue to address it until that problem resolves itself.

Who pays these people to attempt to subvert and infiltrate a project which educates the people? What group with a lot of extra money wants to keep the public in ignorance?

So many talking down to me “expert” new friends with stories that make no sense have attempted to co-run this project with me since we exposed some things about NXIVM last summer that I can hardly count them anymore. I have shut down the comments on this blog in part just to make it harder for them to “help”.