An exploration of the Memoirs of de Ségur

I’m checking out what’s interesting in this book and I’ll share what I find. It’s a good book but he’s not really close enough to Napoleon for me to broadcast this. I just went through the Memoirs of Marshal Oudinot. It corroborated the other memoirs but I wasn’t feeling it.

Here’s what one may find of some interest in this passage: 

Napoleon’s eventual aide de camp de Ségur, is promoted rapidly and he finds the great hero’s world separated between the Beauharnais and the Bonapartes. De Ségur gets Hortense and Louis’ marriage date wrong (1/4/1802) however. He was correct in the sense that this marriage did not unite the Beauharnais and the Bonapartes as Napoleon had wished it would have.

This passage once again shows Napoleon’s great story telling ability and his easy generosity.