guest post by Basilisk

What if we do go around a few times? Our spirits are created at some point. We all agree on that. That spirit is eternal. Yet it is created so it has a starting point which means it isn’t really eternal. If it has a start point, it is finite.

Regardless, our spirits begin and then attach to a body. At birth? At conception? There is some disagreement on this one.

Either way, our spirit attaches to our bodies. Our bodies die. Our spirits live on ... until Judgment Day.

That might be a long way off.

So our spirits just ... hang out? Waiting? In the Ether? For a long, long time? That sounds like Purgatory.

So if our spirits are just waiting around, maybe they get bored and decide to reattach to a human body. They’ve done it before. They somehow know how to do it.

So maybe our souls do go around this world a few times before The End.