I really don’t think they stopped making castrati.

They just became sneakier about it. It upset me I didn’t have the lung power of this singer. No amount of training was going to give me the lung power of a castrato. I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t understand this then. It just turns out I was being deceived by the media (again).

I talk about these things because child abuse is wrong and tricking the public about genders is wrong and children are messed up by these tricks. I was.




I have always admired this person’s talent but I also don’t like being tricked. Learn anatomy to find out what’s going on in media. I’m not sure on the “why” of this practice but once you know the signs - male jaw, male stare, high cheekbones, strong trachea, broad shoulders, long arms, big hands, a certain energy, I could go on... you can’t not see it.