What I learned translating Eugene’s Memoirs

Joseph Bonaparte's sister in law who lived with him, Desirée Clary, had been engaged to Napoleon, Bernadotte and a General who died young named Duphot.


From Eugene’s Memoirs: 


 “There [in Rome] I found Joseph Bonaparte, the brother of my general, and then ambassador of the republic, who was the president of the court of Rome. He had with him his wife and his sister-in-law, Mademoiselle Desirée Clary, whom General Duphot was to marry in a few days.

“I was pressed to stay there to attend the wedding, at the insistence of the general himself, I delayed my departure by a few days. But at the same time a tumultuous event took place, the general became a victim, this event almost took the lives of all the French who were in Rome.”


It is interesting to note that Desirée became Queen of Sweden as did, eventually, Eugene’s daughter.