My YouTube experience.

I had a “new friend” on YouTube tell me about a video that was made insulting me. This new friend, who claimed to love my Napoleon series, said the video maker was out to get me (through an intermediary he contacted) and the solution was to dox that guy who was supposedly trying to destroy my channel.


This was after another “new friend” tried to get me into a public YouTube fight with an obvious shill (obvious now) who had “attacked her”.

I concluded (perhaps incorrectly) that agents were trying to get me to look like some Jerry Springer type - in their efforts to get me to discredit myself.

Then my numbers on my YouTube went down to almost zero seemingly overnight.

Around that time, I had also deleted a ton of content that I had mirrored because I started to realize that that content had been more than likely compromised. I didn’t realize the amount, the volume, of propaganda on YouTube at first.

A person who had commented everyday on my Napoleon videos started to guilt me into watching her new videos. This person never seemed interested in my Napoleon videos yet she was there signing in on various accounts to “support me”.

Out of a false sense of obligation, I watched that person’s video. She was reading the Bible and she was saying that the most important thing to her was her YouTube numbers.

Then that person came on my channel which had almost no numbers on it telling me she got thousands of views/likes whatever and she wanted me to know how.

It turned out she got big numbers talking about the greatness of the Red Ice Channel.

Pretty much the day I decided to explore conspiracies, I stumbled onto Red Ice. The guy on there was saying Jewish people were reptilians and they were basically responsible for all the evil. I’m thinking, conspiracy content is going to be like this?

Interesting my time looking into conspiracy on YouTube started and ended with Red Ice.