Sometimes cults are really a front for organized crime?

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Whenever I complained to the authorities, I got a weird feeling that these cults are part of the present system (because they didn’t do anything to stop the predation). It’s a lot of what led me to this work. I post my fairly embarrassing story so others will learn the patterns for themselves.


The public needs to get smart on their own because we are on our own I’ve learned. I was too gullible and trusting and I was projecting my own humanity where it was nonexistent. If we just going on accepting the lies we are told we’ll be led down paths that may destroy us physically and spiritually. The “safety” and “comfort” of submission to authority and constant media consumption is an illusion.


My project is frequently suppressed almost to

a comical degree but what’s most important is what we do for the advancement of our immortal soul. No one can take that from us as long as we treat it as precious and align with the will of the Creator through the promptings of our intuition. It’s an art listening to intuition and a very worthwhile one.

Even if my work is frequently hassled, I am very grateful for each day that I can exercise my rights freely. Thank you to all reading - friend and foe alike.