Is Henry Kissinger somehow really Catholic?

This joke you can hear below happened at the famous Al Smith dinner where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seemed a bit chummy (for supposed enemies). It tipped a lot of people off that they may be actors of some nature. 

Why is Henry Kissinger an “advisor” to all US presidents regardless of their party affiliation?


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Many of us are trying to understand the nature of the organized crime syndicate we see in charge of affairs these days. From where I’m watching - the major players look like high elite in the English government, the Catholic Church (which controls more than they are letting on) and wherever the Sabbateans are hiding out in plain sight these days (LA, NY, DC, Israel, etc.?).


All three groups give off clues of belonging to a rather old religion that is dangerous to the rest of humanity. I cannot vouch for the motivations of the content creator of the video below. This information may help someone in their own personal research.

Napoleon actually cared about being a “good Catholic”. That was expressed here and here.


This book here describes how Napoleon and his men took Malta and how incredibly furious the English government was about it. 


Napoleon was, however, excommunicated and he did put the Pope under house arrest. I have known many sincere Catholics and I have personally had nothing but good experiences with this institution.


I even weirdly made a fairly pro-Catholic movie with my friends.

In spite of all this, I believe this quote below is an honest assessment of Napoleon’s view of the Jesuits. 


The Pope’s audience hall is below. It speaks for itself.


How they applaud the Pope in Washington DC! 

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