Threats of banning from a Reddit Conspiracy Mod

I don’t have a well funded publicity team to promote my work like the others on r/conspiracy. As painful as it may be to them, there is actual human interest in this work.


The publicity teams run rampant on that subreddit and that’s how (I suppose) they like it. The game is rigged. I’m showing you the stick they use to attempt strike down the truth on an infiltrated and subverted platform.


The infiltration and subversion of that platform are painfully obvious to anyone paying attention.


They’ve taken to completely distorting the word “spam” just so they can CONJURE up some way to smear an honest person. 



The reaction to this project is a large part of the project. Those who twist and attempt to batter the truth expose only themselves. 


Look at how they TRY to frame me and my sincerely motivated work. That black brush they try to paint me with only covers them - all over. The attempts to shut down the truth backfire.



Just another internet sock puppet name exposed. They hide behind masks. Was the internet invented so they could trick us from behind masks? I have wondered this many times . . .


They weaponise the internet and war on our minds and o, how they don’t like it when we put up the scantest resistance to their tricks and manipulation.  


We humans have the right to fight for truth and the restoration of our dignity. Anyone who directly opposes this fight for truth and purification shows exactly who and what they really are. That is just how it is.