My yarn

Gemeinschaftprojekt was the original name of this project. It started with me giving everything I could away along with my art which I posted on poles. 


I was quickly informed that gemeinschaftprojekt did not mean what I thought it meant in German. I thought it meant community - project.


Apparently a gemeinschaft is a community like a town is a community. Therefore gemeinschaftproject means a town named project. 


Thats when I decided that gemeinschaftprojekt is a word that forms part of the very real language that I call Germlisch. 


I went to Germany for a month where pretty much no one could speak English (in rural Bavaria) to force myself to learn German. Many Germans laughed at me for doing this, saying that they don’t speak German in Bavaria. When I told them I was also going to Dresden, I was also informed that they don’t speak German there either.


Regardless, I was at the point where I could almost communicate with very young children. It was at this time that Germlisch was a very real

part of my life.