Thank you to the readers

I think of us as the silent majority. We don’t want to be subverted into becoming extremists. We don’t hate anybody. We just want to have our freedom.


We don’t want to be oppressed. We are really concerned about all the child abuse. We’re having to endure a lot of struggle to rise above the severe brainwashing that’s been inflicted on us.


I thank you for following this weird project. I know it took a lot to get you all the way to this blog from the comfort of the big psyop platforms. They’re basically like the mall. They offer the illusion of choice but it’s all just a front to destroy our community.


All we have to do is follow our higher selves/intuition/connection to God/Jesus/however you feel the Creator and we will be fine. They can’t ever really kill us. We are immortal as long as we can hang on to our souls.


They do everything they can to block this amazing strength of ours.