The Tulsi Gabbard (alleged) sneaky internet campaign: It looks like they’re setting up a new “Obama” to me.

If you will ever insult this person, then you’ll be potentially called a sexist and a racist. But this person’s obvious PR machine has got yet another trick to shut down dissent!


Yesterday I was a accused of being “pro war” for daring to call out all their shilling on Reddit Conspiracy.


It just occurs to me now that the “team” may have been trying to frame me with my Napoleon work.


It’s visible in my profile history on Reddit that I never shut up about Napoleon.


I support Napoleon’s heroism. I HATE WAR. Part of what I’m showing with the Napoleon Series is that Napoleon himself gave up on war and came to view it eventually as not the answer. How that happened is shown here


The French people literally begged Napoleon to continue fighting to save France from foreign invaders - headed by the English government.


Napoleon wanted to die in battle. Napoleon hated giving up. Instead of doing what he would’ve naturally wanted to do, he gave himself up to the control of what he clearly considered the biggest enemy of humanity on earth - the English government. Then they tortured and murdered him - slowwwwwly.


Why did Napoleon quit war?


Because Napoleon could not bear to have enabled civil war in his very beloved France. Napoleon would not fight a faction of traitorous French people to continue on as a warrior.


Let’s get back to the “new hope” with the big PR machine:


Look who’s tight with the Council on Foreign Relations.


The rumor is that the CFR is another one of these New World Order planning secret society “think tanks”. Look it up and make your own judgement about all this.


We see this person constantly plugged on Reddit Conspiracy during working hours almost every day. Now you know a demographic that they are targeting already. 


I posted this picture because here you can see the all over hardness. They are doing a lot to make this one seem as feminine and cool as possible. Take a deeper look before buying the massive hype.