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One can surmise the “white initiation” Ben alluded to in the conversion available above. These strange looking individuals seem to become transported into paroxysms of ecstasy when a camera is trained on them. Just something I’ve noticed since a long time ago.


This is the video I described in the conversation with Ben - posted here. In the comments (I deleted what I found), a satanist named Zbigniew kept calling me a tranny.


Before he started trying to publicly shame me, Zbigniew had been emailing me telling me that my knowledge was lacking and he sent me magic videos suggesting my knowledge would finally increase if I started to get into that discipline. He did not inform me he was a satanist. I found this information out later on.


Then when I didn’t take the bait, under this video below, Zbigniew and a bunch of fake looking sock puppets started “their” shame campaign of declaring me a tranny. Then Zbigniew publicly demanded that I strip to prove that I’m not a tranny.


This is the kind of games they are playing right now.


At first the subversives are always very, very nice. Then once I don’t take the bait, they are forced to try every one of their tricks - which are all dishonesty based. Each time they must go farther until finally their true intentions are finally exposed. 


Part of my goal, is to show exactly how infiltration and subversion happens in real time. I also want to show what type engages in this behavior.


Who is paying for them to try and subvert me? Are they just trying to do this to me out of a love of degeneracy?