Fake looking accounts keep trying to obligate me into becoming their new best friend.

Why would I ever seriously interact with a fake looking account when I am operating under my real name?

You know an account is fake when it makes no sense and the person running it is being creepy nice.

At one point, I had several agents around me pretending to support what I’m doing and they were all validating the same reality to me. They all seemed so meek and nice and deeply into my work. It’s very mind bending. They all tried getting me into fights with the belligerent shills in the Youtube “truth community”. They have this down to a science. They want honest people to make clowns of themselves. One of the agents was acting so hurt by one of the belligerent shills so I’d swoop in to rescue her. She was trying to use my good intentions against me. This is what was also done to Napoleon. Most of the agents present as female. I guess they think I’ll be less on my guard with a female.

This reality that I’m now living because I dare to be honest reminds me of the movie Arlington Road. That movie is about creepy people framing a decent person with their own terrorist activities. They tell the truth about themselves in a lot of those movies.

I draw the line at them harassing and stalking me because they want me to uphold their group’s big lie. I’m wondering if they like the letter Q so much because they’re Qabbalah. I have a highly individual story that I can prove to be true because it is so extremely congruent. There is no way I could weave a story of this complexity, if I were not entirely honest. I’m saying this openly, much of this content is coming from the other side. I am told what’s really going on and it’s not pretty. I have the right to be this kind of messenger. Really.