Why do victims of narcissistic abuse go on and on about it?

This is how I know I have a new con coming in. Someone shows up with something they think I want: Approval, comments, a way to get numbers etc. It can truly be anything they think they know I would want. Then if I don’t start to be nice to them about it and become instant friends with them, then I’m the bad guy.

Whenever someone new offers the “be my new best friend or you’re a bad guy for not being my new best friend after all I’ve done for you” situation - I know it’s a new con of some some sort. They also like asking questions because then I’m the bad guy for not answering their questions. I’m spelling this out so the public will wise up to it and so the con artists targeting me reading will know exactly how their efforts are so very transparent.

These cons also mirror the target. Since they pretend they’re exactly like me, it would especially make me the bad guy for rejecting their effusive offers and “friendship”. It’s always some form of the same exact game. I’ve had narcissists coming at me for decades at this point. I think this has been going on for so long because I have so much energy and I used to be sweet and gullible. They feed on that. Some who come for me these days are just narcissists looking for energy and more and more often since 2017, it’s creepy PR shills - who behave exactly like narcissists also.

I really hope these people can find a way out of their dilemma. A lot of this project is me trying to save myself spiritually. If these cons really want a solution, vampiring off of me or trying to destroy me, isn’t it. The solution is facing the truth within, like I had to do. My parents weren’t capable of loving me (that was hard to really take in). I’m not that great a person but I’m trying to improve. Realizing that, for me, was the start of actual growth as a human being.