They try. O, how they try.

Don’t they realize how dreadful this agent is at simulating human behavior? They just can’t fake real. It’s just too hard for this person to cobble together a story that makes any sense. I figure these people have to simply keep doing something to justify continuing to collect their salaries. How does someone even become a disinformation agent? You can’t just hire someone out of the paper for something like that. I wonder if they’re born and reared into filling these sorts of jobs. If so, that’s a really sad thing to do to somebody.

Since this group keeps targeting me, I’m learning a lot about them and it’s really soul killing what they do to get by. Coming up with one game and trick after another is not a worthwhile life. More and more lies are not the answer. I hope there’s a way for these people to get their souls back. I’m not the enemy. I’m the one trying to show them the way out of their dilemma. The truth is the way out.