Someone or some group is trying to have my Wikipedia taken down.

Read it before it’s gone! It’s here


That is what happens when someone refuses to sell out. I know what interests really control Wikipedia. If they take my page down this will reflect more poorly on them than it will on me.


The constant suppression of my project, which is obvious for all to see, is a big part of my project. It reveals the Truth about our present condition.


A project that only seeks to promote Art and Truth and Culture is seen as a threat and as something to that a certain group feels the need stomp down.


Hiding the Truth vigorously only reveals it. 


When someone pushes a beach ball under the water as hard as they can for as long as they can - what happens? 


Suppression, so far, has only fueled this project. It has only signaled to decent honest people that MY AIM IS TRUE. 


They set up fake opposition for themselves. How much more of an indication of my intentions is my REAL OPPOSITION.


My numbers all over the internet are laughably low. The “like” button doesn’t even work on this site! Watch this project to see how a certain group stomps on what they don’t like.


They don’t like what they can’t control.


We’re about to find out if only sellouts to the destructive cabal and dead people get to have Wikipedia pages. I will make sure it will be known what the verdict will be.