Here is a text version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.


This quote below is why infiltrators are such a focus here. I know what they did to Napoleon and I know what they’ve done to us. 


My only goal here is the pursuit of the Truth. I felt guided to look into the “Sabbatean Frankists”. It took no time for me to perceive that thorns and gates of lies were built up around this topic. This is how our enemies show what they are hiding and the tricks frequently backfire against them. They may control the sorcery that is money but there are forces greater than money and media magick.


In my search for Truth about the Sabbatean Cult, a lot of internet content was pointing me towards a Rabbi Antelman as an authority on this subject BUT he summarily dismissed the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a hoax.


By then, I already had a general sense that the “Protocols” were indeed UNQUESTIONABLY PROPHETIC. We can argue all day about their provenance but what difference does it make? They are obviously a blueprint in the process of a horrifying fulfillment. If the ADL says I’m stupid and wrong and hateful to look into it then the opposite is probably True.


All I get from those damning accusations is that the ADL is more than likely IN ON IT.  Why otherwise would they attempt to shame me out of EDUCATING myself about the world that I presently inhabit?


The comments I read pertaining to Rabbi Antelman’s wholesale dismissal of the Protocols led to him being called controlled opposition. 



This is why I have been looking into the Protocols. It’s some sort of yardstick of Truth. I don’t think it’s fair to blame “the Jews” for the evil machinations described in the Protocols. From what I can tell there’s been a war amongst the “Jews” between good and evil for a loooooong time - as there has been with the rest of us. Labels don’t really mean all that much. Either someone is serving a Godly agenda or they aren’t. You will know them by their ACTIONS.