Youtuber Mag speaks a lot of Truth but there are other things that come with that Truth that I haven’t been liking. He says he’s sure about the earth being flat. I’m not sure about the shape of the planet. He says he never misses. Yes he does. I don’t like the fighting and the profanity. A lot of accusations are made without proof. Mag denies Jesus. I do not. Somebody approached me who I suspect is an agent of Mag’s. I believe it was the intention of this situation to trick me into doing things concerning Mag that I would not have done otherwise without that influence,


Usually new people show up who are very concerned with pleasing me, then we move into the persuasion phase where I am being manipulated to getting subverted somehow.  


What I really want is to exercise my Constitutional Right to uphold the Truth - to the best of my ability. I want to tell my story. When I tell my Truth, it can start feeling like I’m in “Footloose” or one of those Nazi or slave movies where people are not permitted their freedom.


If the current regime is built on lies, it cannot stand. The Spell has worn off and we see now that so much brainwashing has been occurring through mass hypnosis.

I do not know Mag or his True Intentions. To err on the side of caution I’m deleting most of my mirrors of Mag’s content on my channels. I appreciate what I’ve learned from him. I wish him and his friends all the best - sincerely.